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Proper Name Version of the King James Bible

Proper Name Version of the King James Bible

Cross-References and Concordance Index, Large Print Overview and Study Edition Leather Bound – December 5, 2019


About this Item

This Large Print Overview and Study Edition of the Proper Name Version of the King James Bible restores the proper name of God and updates the English in the reliable Authorized King James Version, in which the Word of God has been preserved.

It reveals the glory of the name of God, yet it is clearer to read and easier to understand. The name of God is restored in this Bible as Yahweh and in its essential short form as Yah. The name of the Messiah is revealed as Yahshua, meaning Yah is salvation.

The updated English maintains reliability by remaining faithful to the manuscripts and retaining the familiar sentence structures of the Authorized King James Version. The large and clear 14-point typeface helps reduce eye strain for greater reading comfort.

Original cross-references provide important tools that promote unbiased study by helping the reader use the Scriptures to interpret themselves. The concordance index offers a useful navigation tool. Concise overviews in each section give a brief and clear perspective of each book of the Bible. The Appendix illustrates historical renderings of the name of God and the Messiah. It also answers frequently asked questions about why the name of God, which had been replaced by titles, has been restored in this Bible.

The pages are Smyth sewn before being bound in a durable high quality soft-to-touch synthetic leather cover. The page edges are beautifully gilded with gold and the Bible is complemented with a helpful place marking ribbon. The typeface size, paper thickness, page sizes, and page formatting styles are designed to balance readability and portability, with a weight of only 3.69 pounds.

This Large Print Edition of the Proper Name Version of the King James Bible is intended for those who want a reliable Bible that is more comfortable to read and that helps bring the understanding of the Word of God to a new level by restoring His name and updating the English. It helps the reader to gain a more intimate knowledge of Yahweh through Yahshua.

This Bible has a black synthetic leather cover and includes index tabs to speed biblical navigation

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